Believe in Trance present international guest mix (Laboratory of Sound)

Jaroslaw Bochenski well-known as (Joe Bochenski) born in 3rd of January 1983 in Nowy Sacz on south of Poland.
At the nearly beginning he was interested in 80’s and 90’s dance, disco, pop and electronic music.
In 1995 came fascination with mass events like Love Parade and genres techno, trance and dance.
One year later he started listening to audition called “The technical school of Mechanization Music" in popular Polish radio RMF-FM.
In 1997 he runned his first small school party, from that time he decided to start his journey as a DJ and played on a few more school events.1999 is the year of improving his skills in clubs, later as a producer which fruited in making few tracks : “Electronic Music” (2000) “DJ Sound System” (2002) “Searching for Love” (2002) “Future Trance” (2003) "FREEDOM" (2005)
In the beginning of 2005 he left Poland and went to Great Britain.
Two years later he creates a remix version of track “Cool Your Engine” by Kareema.
At that time he also works in internet radio FTB and leads up an audition called "Night Trance”.
In 2009 he’s remixing Tiesto’s – “You are my diamonds” and creates a soundtrack called “Fenix”.
In 2010 he decides to seriously start making, remixing and promoting trance, techno, dance and electronic music.
He changes name for Laboratory of Sound.
Now he’s working in U.K producing singles, mixes, remixing and playing in the clubs, promoting electronic music.