Believe in Trance present International guest mix Lockstone


DJ LOCKSTONE (Mark Lockstone)

Dj from the UK mixing Trance and Techno. Mark has been mixing now for over 20 years and although he started out on Vinyl he is now 100% Digital after embracing the freedom that the format brings. Not interested in proving his skills or being the best turntablist ever Mark has concentrated on blending tracks into a single complete journey. Using the genius of other producers he takes the tools they provide and brings them together to move you.

I have regular radio shows weekly and Monthly and now have my own website for bookings and demo/promo submissions and to hear my latest mixes.
I mix all of my sets live as i like to 'feel' the set as i play it.
With tracks old and new i hope that you enjoy what it is i try to do. It is always about the music and NOT about the person playing it. That's how it should be in my opinion. Thanks to Jeff for the invite and enjoy the mix!!